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This picture, taken in January or February of 1996, was my official campaign portrait. For some strange reason I wound up running for the Dane County Board of Supervisors (the county legislature). The election was March 19th, and I got thoroughly beaten, but that was not especially surprising under the circumstances.

I am not sure why you would want to see it, but for those who have nothing better to do, here it is!

Richard L. R. Bonomo

Research groups or development teams I am or have been involved with are (in reverse chronological order):

University organizations I am or was involved with or to which I have connections include:

Off-campus organizations I am or have been involved with include:

  • My home: The house I live in I also had run as an informal student residence for men. This turned out to be a rather big focus of my life! We maintained a "family style" atmosphere in a Catholic household while it was running as such.
  • The Holy Redeemer Parish Choir: We sing at 0900 Mass at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church nearly every Sunday of the calendar year.
  • Computers to Help Peolple, Inc.: This organization is devoted to applying computer technology to help the handicapped,and to employing the handicapped and disabled. My connection: I am one of the founding members of the board, though not currently active. At last report (mid 2006) the organization was closing.
  • The Civil Air Patrol: I was active in the Madison Senior Squadron for a number of years, including a few years as squadron commander.

Homepages of Friends and Family

The count, for what it is worth, and if it is working: [Counter] (since when, I am not sure, since I do not really know when these counters get updated....My best guess is sometime in November, 1997)

Opinions (mine)

It dawned on me some time ago that access to the "Web" finally gives me an outlet for all those unpublished letters to the editor, opinion columns, and literary what-not that I have around. So, here, I think will go the links to those documents as I VERY slowly get around to posting them.

  • Catholics at UW -- A Perspective This is an opinion piece that I decided to write early in the Fall of 1997. It took shape slowly, and was submitted to the Badger Herald. It had to be very much shortened to meet the space restrictions in the Herald. If did get printed, and will have been the first time a religion-related piece of mine will have been published, aside, perhaps, from a letter to the editor somewhere. Beware that this piece may change from time to time.
  • Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research at U.W. Madison is a response to a column published in the Wisconsin State Journal by R. Seely, who is a regular contributor. In his article he laments the opposition to this particular line of research in a dismissive fashion. This is a response to that column of February 8, 2001.
  • My off-campus opinion page. I recently erected this off-campus site to post items that may not be appropriate for a U.W. page because of political or other partisan comment, or because some commentary is completely unrelated to U.W. life. (This page was recently moved to this location after having been located at for a very short time. Pagerealm just disappeared without warning or explanation!)

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