Society of Catholic Scientists -- Madison, Wisconsin

Gold Mass, 28 April 2022, 1730 (5:30 PM), Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 128 West Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin

This web page, set up by a local member of the Society of Catholic Scientists (there is no chapter at this time) is a temporary or provisional page primarily to provide information for a "Gold Mass" to be offered in Madison, Wisconsin. There is a custom of having special Masses offered in connection with gatherings of people of particular occupations, and referring to these Masses by a color. For example, a "Red" Mass pertains to those in the profession of Law, and "White" to those in the Health Care Profession.

The "Gold" Mass is offered in connection with those specializing, by degree, training, or occupation, in Science, Engineering, Technology, or Mathematics (often referred to as the "STEM" professions), and those providing education in these fields. This is probably the first "Gold" Mass to be offered in the Diocese of Madison.

As noted, there will be, with the kind permission of Bishop Donald Hying and Cathedral Rector Msgr. Kevin Holmes, a "Gold" Mass offered at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (canonically part of "The Cathedral Parish of Saint Raphael" since 1 July 2008), on Thursday, 28 April 2022 -- this is the second week of Easter -- at 1730 (5:30 PM). The Mass will be offered by Fr. Stephen Brunner (Ph.D. Medical Physics from the University of Wisconsin). Plans are for a dinner and lecture to be held in the church dining hall, downstairs, next to the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, immediately after Mass.

The lecture title is: "Unity without Uniformity: The Scientific Vocation from a Theologian's Point of View"

Barring unforeseen complications, the lecture will be given by Dr. Corey Hayes, a professor of Philosophy and Theology at St. Joseph Seminary College in in Covington, Louisiana, USA, who is coming in for the event. See below for additional information regarding Dr. Hayes.

If you would like to attend, please send e-mail to, indicating:

1. Your name and your field
2. Your e-mail address and best telephone number
3. Whether you will stay for the dinner and lecture
4. If staying for dinner, how many will be in your party, and what dietary restrictions are in the group and who needs a special meal.

We have an organist to accompany the Mass, we may organize a choir as well for the occasion.

Please spread the word to your colleagues and friends who are in STEM fields.

Please respond sooner, rather than later, so the organizers can make appropriate arrangements.

Thank you.

If you have questions, please send e-mail:, or call Richard Bonomo, telephone (608) 258-8613.

Information regarding Dr. Corey Hayes (courtesy of the Society of Catholic Scientists):

Cory Hayes is a professor of Philosophy and Theology at St. Joseph Seminary College in Covington, LA. He holds a PhD in Systematic Theology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. He has lectured widely for the Science and Religion Initiative of the McGrath Institute for Church Life. His research and teaching interests include: Byzantine and Eastern Christian theology, Philosophy of Nature, and the relation between Catholic theology, philosophy, and empirical science. He a member of the Theological Advisory Committee of the Society for Catholic Scientists.