Chi-Rho Association

Document of Organization

as of the Fall, Anno Domini Nostri MCMXCVI

Name: The "Chi-Rho Association," taken from the first two letters of the Greek word "Christos," one of the titles by which Jesus is known.

Purpose: The principal purpose of this association is to serve and assist students who worship at Holy Redeemer Church and other Catholic churches located outside of what is commonly regarded as the campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The association shall carry out this function by:

  1. facilitating students' involvement in parish activities,
  2. disseminating information about or organizing events of a social nature to help students acquaint themselves with the other students and others of their age group (in a broad sense) with whom they have have been worshipping; to help students understand the "family" aspect of the Church,
  3. disseminating information about or organizing events of a spiritual nature, in fidelity to the ecclesial magisterium, to help students grow in their love of the Holy Trinity, and in their participation in the Communion of Saints, and in their concern for souls,
  4. disseminating information about or organizing events of an educational nature to help students grow in their knowledge of the Faith,
  5. providing similar services for faculty and staff both for their benefit and also to provide occasion to bring students in contact with them, that students may find, in our distinguished faculty and staff, friends, mentors, and role models who will help students find and live their Christian vocations, and
  6. by engaging in any other activity appropriate to its purpose.


Historical note:

The Association was founded by Richard Bonomo in 1987.
The initial coördinators of this association were:

Richard L. R. Bonomo

Michael J. P. Foral

Kim G.

Roberta P.