This page is the primary pointer page for the Chi-Rho Association. A registered student (and staff) organization providing information to members of the UW community who worship primarily at off-campus Catholic Parishes.

Nota Bene! The Chi-Rho Association has not functioned as a registered student organization for a number of years. These web pages are being kept "alive" for the sake of some historical information contained within, and as a service to the community. Please do not make use of any information found herein without first determining if it is still valid. Thank you.

Student/Faculty/Staff Survey and Interest Inventory:

If you regularly or occasionally worship at an off-campus Catholic church in Madison, Wisconsin, and

please fill in our survey and interest inventory here.

(The coding for this on-line survey from was graciously done by the webmaster of NOTE: If you fill out the survey at a time other than the months of September or January, please also notify the database manager via e-mail: bonomoXXX@tdsYYY.netZZZ (drop the capital letters).

Information available from this page:

What is the Chi-Rho Association?

For starters, you might try looking at the charter. The Association does not actually have members in the usual sense, as it consists of a small group of people who disseminate information about and occasionally organize activities which will be (we hope) of benefit to souls.

Chi-Rho Association /

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